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Call for Digital Images of Available Original Artwork for City Hall Loan Program

The City of Las Vegas Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs is seeking visual artists to submit digital images of two-dimensional artwork for inclusion in an image database. The galleries have limited availability to show three-dimensional work in any large quantity due to limited pedestals/display cases.

These submissions will be used to select artwork for several ongoing internal exhibit spaces within city hall. The exhibit spaces could be in offices, hallways, conference rooms, or public areas within city hall and will be seen by visitors doing business with the city of Las Vegas. It is a wonderful opportunity for an artist to be shown to a larger audience.

When submitting the work, please only include work that is appropriate for a civic public space. Further, the work should be suitable for viewing by all ages and political, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

The work submitted should be professionally made with high craft where the presentation of the work should make the viewer stop to take notice. This means it should be designed with the viewer in mind and therefore, dynamically made, and well thought-out, solidly designed and the media used should show the artists mastery. If the artwork is made by hand, such as paintings, collage, hand-pulled prints, etc., artwork must be original (no computer prints-unless it is computer generated artwork-and no studies where the artist is copying off another artist to learn the craft). Once chosen, the artwork is required to be framed/matted and ready to install. It must have either a wire or D-ring style hangers as there is a cable and hook hanging system in some of the spaces. There is a 70lb weight limit for each artwork.

The work will be chosen by visual arts staff for the city of Las Vegas. If selected, the artwork will be shown in an exhibit lasting between six months up to one year. This will be an on-going submissions process and therefore there is no deadline.

Please make sure to take clear pictures of the artwork. If it is out of focus, it most likely will not get chosen, unless it is a very strong piece of artwork.

IMPORTANT: When you click below to apply, make sure you are detailed with your information. Please list the following information in the description section:

  1. Write “City Hall Loan Program”
  2. Write your name and contact information below (email and phone number).
  3. Write the approximate date you made the artwork.
  4. Write the size of the artwork.
  5. Write the title and detailed media of the artwork.
  6. If it is unclear, write a few sentences to tell what the artwork represents. It doesn’t have to be a long statement.

For questions about this program, please call (702) 229-1012 or e-mail

To apply for this call, CLICK HERE!