Current Artist Opportunities

Would you ever think that the patterns that seem to evoke lightness and visual movement have a dark history? So much is taken for granted in the patterns and textures we see every day! Get ready to think outside the box of traditional ideas about the stripe and polka dot…
Create artwork about a story/narrative. Artwork will be up before and after the Las Vegas Book Festival
The Public Employee Art Exhibit is open to any artist employed by the state, county or city government who reside in Nevada.
The City of Las Vegas Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs is seeking interested individuals to serve as volunteer evaluators on various public art projects. Our goal is to assemble an on-going list of evaluators, comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders who are committed to furthering the city’s core purpose of “Building Community to Make Life Better” through the city’s public art programs. If you are interested in volunteering as a Public Art Project Evaluator, please complete the form located here: .
BUDGET: $2,000
DEADLINE: EXTENDED – Friday, October 28, 2022 at 6:00 PM PST

The City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs seeks proposals from artists for artwork as part of a rotating temporary public art exhibition program at City Hall. The artwork will be on display for approximately six months, beginning in November 2022.

The City of Las Vegas Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs is seeking visual artists to submit digital images of two-dimensional artwork for inclusion in an image database. This will be used to select artwork for several ongoing internal exhibit spaces within city hall. The exhibit spaces will be seen by visitors doing business with the city of Las Vegas and is a wonderful opportunity for an artist to be shown to a larger audience.